Northwest Fishing Icon Buzz Ramsey Gets A Boat Wrap

Impact Sign Co. is no stranger to the quiet cousin of the famous car wrap.  The boat wrap was a cool project for us when we first did one a few years ago, because who really knew you could, and should wrap a boat?  However, for those who do all their commuting in the water, the boat wrap completes the same purpose as the vehicle wrap.  This is where they commute, entertain clients, and record TV shows or ads, it is their office.

Our owner is an avid fisherman, both freshwater and saltwater.  So when the local icon Buzz Ramsey needed a new drift boat, our team was pumped and ready to roll.  Three years ago we had the pleasure of working with Buzz and his team to wrap his motor-powered boat but this time we got to have our hands on his drift boat.  Buzz has been in the fishing industry for over thirty-six years, is a radio and television personality famous around these parts, and is a pleasure to work with.  What is even cooler, is being able to see our handiwork on TV, in photos, in industry publications, and everywhere that Buzz and his boat go.

Take a look at the evolution of the Buzz Ramsey drift boat wrap.

The boat is in its empty, primed state, all shiny and new.

The sponsor logos were then applied on top of the base layer.  This allowed us to ensure there was no distortion to the sponsor logos and that they were all in the correct location per the client-provided design.

Now viola, the final view of the boat.  This boat now will be seen on various fishing shows and where ever Buzz Ramsey will be fishing.  

What is the main vehicle or mode of transportation for your organization?  Want to get some creative ideas that can help boost the visibility of your business or group?