Pam Power – The Second Generation

As part of new little series we are introducing you to our lean and mean team here at Impact Sign Co. As a team our core employees, in which we have three, have been here a minimum of four years. We are basically family, bicker like family, but in the end we always pull together to get the jobs done. For our second installment, you get to meet me, Pam Power! I may not have Proctor as my last name anymore, but I am Scott & Sandi’s daughter, one of two kids. I have been a part of the sign company in some way shape or form since the beginning in 1998. I have sat for hours weeding the centers out of letters, layered multiple colors of vinyl perfectly to match a logo using giant screens and helped develop, manage and grow their sales and marketing strategies. Now I not only head up our outbound marketing and sales work, I help in the office with our AR/AP and other various office management. The joy of small business work is the nonstop varied work.

Give us the one minute overview of you, your background and how ended up here in Portland? I am actually a born and raised Oregonian. I grew up in the Bethany area, attended Oak Hills Elementary School, Meadow Park Middle School, Westview High School and Portland State. Having been in Portland my entire life upon graduation I moved down south to the San Francisco Bay Area, then to Denver with a final move to Houston for my husband’s work. After our year in Houston we tired of the heat, humidity and lets be honest, the bugs/wildlife, and moved our family back to the Portland area. We now live in South Beaverton, myself, husband, two kids and our weimaraner.

What keeps you excited about about being here everyday?  I love the variety.  I love that some days I work mainly with our customers, potential customers and vendors.  Some days I sit focused on the computer mapping out our holiday cards, blog posts, social media posts.  Some days I run around with my head cut off just fighting fires, finding things and just miscellaneous work.  I also love that I can experiment, have continuous hands on learning and constantly feel like I am growing and adding value.  It is such a stark comparison to the corporate marketing that I did for a decade.

What is your favorite project you have done?  Well I don’t get to work on our sign projects per say but I have to say our new website is one of my favorite projects that I have been able to work on.  Well we also have a secret project we are working on and that will be my new favorite.  The reason our website is my favorite is not because it is a website I think is simple, easy to travel but it is what is on the backend as well.  We built our website on the Hubspot platform.  If you don’t know Hubspot you should Google them, they are changing the way businesses use sales/marketing and websites.  The site took almost a year to create but I love it.  And I am already thinking about what we can do for a new one down the road.

What is one of your favorite memories having the do with ISC?  My junior and senior year of high school and all of college were spent working in the shop.  We hired my friends, my brother’s friends and our neighbors to come and work at the shop.  I loved that I could work with my friends, laugh, have fun and work hard.  I remember even when I lived in Denver and I had been laid off that I flew out and helped pack, clean and moved the entire shop from our original location off Bethany Boulevard and Cornell Road, to our current location.  The amount of stuff we had crammed into 2000SF was pretty amazing.

What is your favorite machine in our shop? Our Roland UV Flatbed printer hands down.  The projects I see come off there, especially when combined with our Laguna Router, are amazing.

If you weren’t working here what would you be doing?  Man I have no idea.  My kids are just now entering school full time so I would probably just be going back into the workforce full time doing some sort of marketing work or maybe even nonprofit work.  I have no idea!

Favorite snack at work?  RX Bars & Fruit.  Any and all fruit.

How do you take your coffee?  Black and not just any coffee, but preferably Trailhead Coffee.  Seriously go to Cup & Bar, buy some coffee and eat some Ranger Chocolate.

Anything else you want to share?  Being a blood relative and a part of this shop since the beginning I take everything personally that happens here at the shop.  If our customers aren’t happy, I want to know why, what can we do better, what happened?  To see our shop growing, having satisfied and happy customers, that brings me joy.  I am wholly invested in the success and failure of Impact Sign Co.  

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