Meet Dan Parsons – Manager of Hillsboro’s Impact Sign Co.

It has been a while since we have introduced you to some more members of our team here at ISC.  So everyone say hello to Dan Parsons!  Dan has been with us since 2011 and knows pretty much most every customer by face and name, that is an impressive skill Dan.  Now you can spend the next few minutes getting to know Dan just a little bit better.

Give us the one-minute overview of you, your background and how you ended up here in Portland:  I was born in Portland, so I guess you can say I “ended up here” by chance.  I’ve lived in NW Portland almost my whole life, graduated from Glencoe High School, and got my Business degree from the University of Oregon.

After college, I spent a couple of years interning for NFL, MLB, Arena Football and minor league teams before moving into jobs that actually provide income.

My wife and I met in college, have been married since 2007, and we have two amazing kids.

What keeps you excited about being here every day?  I enjoy the variety of the work; knowing I could come in and be working on an entirely new concept any given day is intriguing.

It is also fun to be able to drive around and point out all the companies we’ve helped make signs for.

What is your favorite project you have done?  If I have to pick a favorite, well, I can’t really pick one, so I’d say any of the newer properties for the real estate development companies; We provide so many pieces for each site, and get to watch them evolve from newly excavated dirt piles into fully developed communities.

What is the hardest project or material you have worked on?  Any project that requires approval by committee tends to provide more of a challenge.

What is your favorite machine we have in our shop?  The Rolls Roller – when I started here we didn’t have that, and it helps speed up our processes (and in turn production capacity) enormously!

If you weren’t working here what would you be doing?  If I were independently wealthy, I would likely spend a lot of time traveling with my wife and kids to see new places, catching a game at every baseball stadium, or throwing a frisbee around on a beach somewhere.

Favorite snack at work?  I mostly snack on trail mix – or a banana.

How do you take your coffee? I don’t drink coffee. I know, I’m crazy, right? Instead, I drink sweet tea – or sometimes a Dr. Pepper – if I need caffeine.

Anything else you want to share? Having lived in the area for as long as I have, I enjoy being connected to the people and businesses in our community. Working at a local company like Impact Sign Co. provides a great opportunity to stay connected, so feel free to strike up a conversation!