Cascade Windows New Trade Show Signs & Display

Impact Sign Co. is no stranger to the trade show booth, display, or set up.  Tradeshow displays have come a long way and with the innovations in large-scale digital printing, companies can more accurately and visually represent their projects and products.  Cascade Windows has been a customer of ours here at Impact Sign for a while now and trade shows are a large part of how they are able to showcase their new products, and existing products and let consumers and dealers get up close and personal with their products.  

Impact Sign Co. has a small tradeshow display that we take out to local events but we are usually so busy we find we just don’t get out as much as we used to.  One company we have done quite a bit of trade show work with is the Northwest Headquartered Cascade Windows.  

Working with Cascade Windows on their trade show booth and graphics is pretty fun.  Their graphics/marketing department has gotten really creative and innovative to be able to really showcase their products.  Our large format digital prints showcase a beautiful home built with cascade windows, which serve the entire backdrop for the booth.  We also printed the side panels which provide an easy-to-read overview of the company and the customization capabilities of Cascade Windows.

Impact Sign Co. didn’t just do the large trade show banners and trade show signs and panels but we also provided those little details that tie a booth together.  Placed around the booth are various islands that can be used for that one on one conversations with potential distributors, and customers or holding various samples and information.  These islands could be left just plain BUT to help reinforce the company’s name and brand Cascade Windows logo was applied to all the bases.

Other companies that Impact Sign Co. has worked with for trade show booths and graphics include Milgard WindowsCascade Systems TechnologyDirector’s MortgageLigman Lighting, and Resource One.

Does your compay’s booth need a spruce up?  Maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes to check out your current setup?  Or maybe you don’t have one at all!  Contact Impact Sign Co.’s team and we can help you be ready for trade show season.