Three Dimensional Vinyl Design for U of P’s School of Engineering

The University of Portland’s Shiley School of Engineering is an urban hub of forward-thinking engineering students and faculty living in a new state-of-the-art LEED Platinum Building.  However, they had a blank display case that they saw as a blank canvas that needed to match the design and feel of the new building.  They came to us at Impact Sign Co. to help them develop a design for this empty case to showcase the engineering department and the areas of study using a creative approach.

Our design team came up with a solution utilizing three dimensions/layers.  The first layer/dimension used first-surface vinyl on the glass face, and we utilized various images of tools and items found throughout the department. The second layer consisted of dimensional letters installed in the display case highlighting the name of the department and the areas of study within the department.  And lastly, behind the dimensional letters, our third layer was a large format, digitally printed backdrop image.  The three layers/dimensions when viewed and completed took a typical display case, which is usually reserved for awards or student projects, and turned it into a piece of artwork for the department.

We have done other window graphics but nothing as creative and three-dimensional as the Shiley School of Engineering display case, and we loved it!  Do you have a display case that needs some life added to it?  Want to add some dimension to a window at the office?  Our design team at Impact Sign Co. love to help add new life to a boring window at the office, your school’s trophy display case, or even the glass coffee table you have in your reception area.  With three-dimensional designs using vinyl, digital printing, and dimensional lettering, the possibilities are pretty endless.  See what we can take from the ordinary and turn into the extraordinary.