What To Focus On When Launching Your Digital Sign System

The new focus on digital sign systems may seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you really remember what to focus on, it can make your life easier and make you forget all about your boring static signs.  


Content is and always will be king.  With digital signs you can and should refresh your content at least once a week.  How do you do that?  This is when you can get creative!  Promote that new product you brought, remind people about an old favorite, announce a new student activity or club, feature a new personal trainer that needs more clients, run a live news feed or showcase some of the top daily news stories.  Really the possibilities are endless.  


Who is watching each screen?  Do you have multiple signs in multiple locations?  With your digital sign system you can customize what content is on each screen.  Your display system that is in the women’s locker room can feature current spa specials, features of personal trainers and their group classes, diet tips, showcase some ads from local businesses geared towards women and run a live feed from a woman’s popular TV show.  Knowing who your demographics are for each display allows you to really focus your messaging correctly and get the best conversion rate possible.

Calls To Action

Want people to act on the information and advertisements you are showing on your digital signs?  You need to remember to add calls to action.  You can easily just put up your newest personal trainers’ information, but when you add in maybe a free consultation or session, your conversions will increase because people are enticed.  Want customers to try your new product, offer a sample or discount.  You also can play around with different calls to action.  See what actions get the most people to purchase, inquire, attend or download what you are offering to them.

Keep It Simple!

This one needs no explanation.  Just remember less is more and a picture (or video!) is worth a thousand words.  People have only so much patience to read what you showing them, so be concise!

Digital Signs are opening up so many doors to how you can communicate with your customers/audience.  Don’t let them intimidate you or think they aren’t right for you, because they are.  

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