Let’s Wrap This Up! Five Creative Ways To Use Wraps & Decals

We all know that you can wrap a trailer or a car, but have you ever thought about what else you could wrap or decal up?  How about your entire store?  A golf cart?  Your luggage!  Everything that vinyl can stick to can be wrapped and decaled up letting you advertise everywhere.  We took a look at some of the most interesting things out there that you could turn into a great advertising and marketing opportunity.  

1.  Golf Club Travel Case:  During the summer some people play a TON of golf, and not just locally.  If you think about how many people would potentially see your custom-wrapped golf travel case, the numbers really show a great ROI.  Not only will all the people who checked bags on your plane see the bag, but everyone will take notice as you walk through the airport.  Talk about making an Impact!

2 & 3. Bike & Trailer: Portland is home to one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US and if you are one of those pedaling around, why not use your mode of transportation as an advertising opportunity? Imagine if everyone that sees you ride by on your commute sees your business versus what bike you are riding, and make it an extra hard workout and ride with a trailer and we can logo that up too!

  1. Golf Cart: When you are selling those golf event sponsorships or advertising on the course in general don’t just settle for a coroplast sign, make more money by upselling to a full golf cart wrap! Let your sales team imagination run with all the extra surface area and the eyes that will gaze upon their creativity.
  2. Your sales team’s cell phones/computers/tablets: Your sales team is on the road and meeting with people all day, it is their job. Make their technology do some selling as well with custom wraps that can include your logo and website. Get creative and help your sales team make a lasting Impact.

Here at Impact Sign Co. we love to have fun with new ideas and to help you think outside the box. We can’t wait to work with you and make sure you make a lasting Impact!