Home Builders Association – PWB Retreat

I just got back from the second annual Home Builders Association of Portland’s Professional Women in Building annual retreat. This was my first retreat, probably ever in my professional career, and as only their second itiration I was impressed. As a new member of the HBA and the Professional Women in Building Council I walked away feeling like I had developed great starting relationships with all the women who attended and I have a great drive to continue to build on the energy that was developed.

Why the HBA?  Why Professional Women in Building (PWB)?  Impact Sign Co. has had a long relationship with residential developers and the subcontractors that support the industry.  To the best of my memory I remember beginning our work with home developers and builders back in the early 2000’s.  We rode the wave up during the first real estate boom through 2008/2009 and then as the market consolidated, we felt every inch of the slow down.  However, what is interesting with a business like signs we found that not only did people need signs when they were building the developments and homes, they also needed signs to auction and liquidate the properties.  Impact Sign Co. was lucky to be in a situation to withstand an economic downturn, and learn and grow from that experience.

Now, in 2017, as we work with some of the largest residential developers in Oregon, I find it is time to give back and get involved with an industry that has given us at Impact Sign Co. so much.  The natural fit is with the HBA, and specifically with the Professional Women in Building group.  The HBA in Portland is a large organization and instead of trying to be a small fish in a large pond, I wanted to develop great relationships from the start.  Through the Professional Women in Building, I have found a way can get involved and be a part of growing the group.

As I sit back now and continue to grow my involvement with the group over coffees, lunches, networking events, and committee involvement I am grateful for everything the industry has provided.  The housing market here in the Portland Metro area is definitely not slowing down anytime soon and how awesome would it be to see more women involved in the industry and supporting one another?  Not everything is always about selling signs but sometimes just developing relationships and your group that help motivate you and pushes you is what you need.

Are you in the home building industry?  Are you involved with the HBA?  I would love to invite you to join me some time at one of their networking events, so shoot me a note right here.  Friendly faces always go a long way at these functions.

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